Valve Test & Maintenance

As Aveskon maintenance team, we carry out the periodic testing and maintenance of the safety valves and pressure vacuum valves used to protect the equipment and pipelines under vacuum and pressure conditions.If the maintenance activities are requested, all maintained valves are certified with the participation of the surveillance companies In addition to the maintenance certificate, surveillance firms' inspection certificates are delivered to our customers at the end of the work.

The difference that we created as Aveskon is that only the tests of the valves should be carried out by carrying out the repair activities in possible fugitive and operational flights. Main activities are described below.

Safety Valves;                                                             Pressure Vacuum Vents                   

De-mounting and cleaning acitivies                                                De-mounting and cleaning acitivies 
Seat surface control and repair                                                        Weight mechanism controls
Spring mechanism corrosion controls                                             Set Pressure tests 
Leakage tests and set pressure tests                                             Stamping and paintings
Stamping and painting

As the spin-off from established companies

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