Equipment Maintenance

Aveskon maintenance team undertakes the turnkey maintenance of equipment such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers, steam boilers, waste heat boilers, etc. in refineries, power plants, chemical plants and mining facilities.Maintenance may include control activities, analyzes, tests, welding repair and revision activities. We undertake and manage all processes on a turnkey basis.

Equipment included in Equipment Maintenance Repair is given below. Details are given under each tab.

AVESKON carries out fitness for service, maintenance & repair services of storage tanks with API 653 aboveground storage tank inspectors and tank engineers who have high experience in their subjects.
Seal Repair & Revision                                   Tank Roof Revision                                             Floating Roof Repairs 
Tank Bottom Revision                                Tank accesory Resivison                                           Roof Rafter Repairs
AVESKON gives service maintenance and repair of pressure vessels with experienced mechanical design engineers and API 510 pressure vessel inspectors.
Vessel Repair and Revision                                              Nozzle and Manhole Revisions                         Exchanger tube revisions
Heads and Shell Revisions                                         Coating Repairs
AVESKON gives service maintenance and repair of pipings and pipelines with experienced piping design engineers and API 570 piping inspectors.
Piping Revision Works                                    Spool Manufacturing                                        Leakage Repairs
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