Special Analysis

Special analyzes are performed to the storage tanks, transport tanks, heat exchangers, steel constructions, pressure vessels and pipelines, if requested from our engineering department.As a result of the analyzes made, defects in the structure are examined and reported in terms of safe operation. Different programs can be used during the analyzes.

Performed Special Analysis;

Heat Exchanger Thermal Analysis
Storage Tank Roof System Analysis
Lifting equipment lifting capacity analysis 
Shelf system lifting capacity analysis
Road Tankers ADR simulation analysis
Piping Surge Analysis

The integrity of the tank is analyzed in storage tanks, especially under vacuum conditions that may occur during pump suction. These analyzes are made especially when the set pressure values of tank protective equipment are determined.
The design includes the lift capacity analyzes of an existing lifting equipment. The structure is modeled to include all the details and is simulated under load. In this way the maximum lift capacity of the structure is calculated and reported.
It is necessary to make thermal analysis before the heat exchanger mechanical calculations, to ensure that the desired values are provided, and to create input for mechanical calculations. Thermal analysis by Aveskon engineering team is done by using related software.
Pipeline flow analyzes provide the calculation of the flow rate and pressure values at a certain point in the pipeline. Calculations are made taking into account the parameters that will change the flow rate and pump selection is assisted.
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